Monday, January 19, 2015

Tammy 4 All Seasons - Finale

For more inspiration, please visit them lovelies and encourage them and their labors of lave expended to create marvelous projects.
January 20, 2015

 Sew We Quilt- Mdm Samm

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Tammy 4 All Seasons

All I have been able to accomplish for this hop is due to the incredible patience of  Mary and Madame Samm.  The creativity of Brooke and Corri sure challenged me.

Now to what I did accomplish - TA DA!
This is my Tammy bag - almost finished.  It's on my ironing board along with the start of my Spring pinny.  That's a tiny red gingham that will be my gathered edge on the pinny.  I say my Tammy bag is almost finished because I know I have the coveted Presencia thread finca pearle #8 and I cannot locate it.  So I attached the handle to the front the best I could and still maintaining some decorum with broken threads.  I decided when the project was no longer fun, it was time to stop as the witching hour for posting was nearing and quit for the night and share what I have.

I used to cross stitch and loved it.  I hadn't pick up the hobby in several years and knew something was wrong when I could not only see to thread the needle but also I had no clue where the holes in the cloth were.   So in November 2013 I had surgery on both my eyes to help with double vision.  This is my first project since that surgery.  I first started on the adorable Spring dress on 28 count over 2 and got lost.  So, I opted for colors that were easier to see on a light background  (and NOT black background) and started over.  I now have prisms in both lens and still have to move my head to focus properly.  I got a magnifier that you rest on your chest to help see.  Mine worked great as long as I don't move.  I don't know about you - but my chest moves when I breath and certainly when I move my head to focus.

The red fabric is the outside of my bag and the light aquaish blue is my lining.  I back stitched around all my items - just a habit.  I had never used beads with stitches in cross stitch.  I had done a pattern of all beads.  I attached my beads with X to make me feel more secure.  I even put a bead in the middle f my sunglasses.  I adore the beads on the bathing cap - I remember those well.  Oh, the days of swimming classes in college with waist length hair!

I will admit that I used no hoop for the first time when Ii cross stitched this.

Now I want to make a "Jaxon bag" for my three year old to carry his cars and trucks to big brother's games.  I think a boy print would make a cute bag for him for his treasures and the pockets would help keep him busy.  Maybe he'll get a Jaxon bag for his birthday in March.

Madame Samm showed some of the tools she uses in some of her projects.  She showed what I think is a beautiful seam ripper.  Yep, that's my brother who makes them.  I loaned mine to one of my guild members for a potential opportunity and I can hardly wait for it to come home.  I have had fun, fun, fun preparing for today.

Please visit the others who are sharing their accomplishments tday.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Tammy 4 All Seasons Blog Hop

Happy New Year!

I am taking a new step for me this year and participating in a blog hop.  Each participant is cross stitching a design and then making a Tammy Bag (design of AppleHeart and available Connecting Threads.  Additionally, each person will be making a pinny for the bag.  Our efforts will be shared January 9 through January 20.  Please visit and enjoy!

This is the schedule for each participant in the hop.  There is a button on the sidebar for this blog hop.

January 9, 2015

January 12, 2015

January 13, 2015

Cheryl Wilkinson will post to Ipiece2-Mary

January 14, 2015

Leslie Schmidt will post to IPiece2-Mary

January 15, 2015

January 16, 2015

Julia Plunkett will post on Sewwequilt

January 19, 2015

January 20, 2015

Deborah Thomas-Wilton will post to Ipiece2-Mary

Monday, April 29, 2013

What's all the fuss?

What are my kitties checking out?

Something sure has their attention.
Wait, what is that among my Liriope?
Is it a cake on my doorstep?
It's a mockup of my pom pom American flag.
I had hoped to participate in a blog hop celebrating pom poms.  Things happen and that did not come to fruition.  I had planned to make an American flag before, I think, any of us had an idea of the terror to occur in Boston.  Then, I kept hearing on our local news of the anniversary of the bombing of the Murrow Building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995.  Living in the Tulsa area, only 2 short hours from OKC, I remember going to visit the site shortly after the bombing.  I have been to the incredible memorial and attended a damaged (and now repaired) church across the street from the site, while I was working in the City.  Then the local news continued with the tragedies to strike our area.  April 24, 2008 a tornado struck Catoosa (basically east Tulsa), killing 7 people.  We are fast approaching the first anniversary of the devasting tornado in Joplin, MO which is only about a 4 hour drive.  The blog hop has very creative ladies from around the globe.  I am absolutely amazed at their creativity, accomplishments, and dedication to their crafts.  So, the fuss is all about resiliency and those who selflessly help each other on a day to day basis.



I was surfing, admiring Pinterest !  I found a pattern that I like - Tessie Quilt Pattern
Tessie .  I just ordered it online today.  My LQS cannot order it for me.  Yes, I try to support them so they will be here for me.
When I found the picture, I found a blog post.  I left a message for the owner as to the name of the pattern.  She was very kind to tell me the name of the pattern; she had taken a class; and a link to where I could purchase the pattern.  I've had a couple of communications with her and learned that she is using many polka dots in her quilt.  So, late last week I sent her a care package of a few BRIGHT polkda dots.
Here's some eye candy.

The post-it note on the pink lets my new friend know that I made a tote bag for one of my daughter's new SIL's when she got married.  This SIL was a hairdresser at the time.  Then at 45 she suffered more than one stroke and was near death.  The doctors thought she might be able to return to work, but that has not been possible.  The big yellow dot has a note also.  It was backing for a quilt that I made for one of my grandboys.

The fabric on the keft was used this past week to make a mini tote for my 3 year old great niece.

The pink/purple fabrics were purchased in Paducah.  My friend Kathi and I decided at the eleventh hour to go to Paducah year before last.  We literally decided and called and got a hotel about 60 miles away in TN and we jumped in the car for a day trip to the hotel.  Yep, there are some white polka dots in the aqua fabric.  I started a quilt and soon found that polka dots and solids weren't doing it for me.  I needed to spice up my choice of polka dot fabrics - not just dots.

I adore the red/off white fabric.  The red has a scallop design, making it dainty.  The white with red and navy was used for the lining of the mini tote.  That stuff on the right is the towel the fabrics were lying on and my concrete porch.  Hopefully, my pics will improve.

These are a couple three of a favorite Christmas fabrics.  That's another collection in my stash.  A friend dropped a hint that she wanted a king Christmas quilt.  I started collecting fabric and working on small blocks with the intent of each block having a different print with the same solid in each block.  I may not make that goal.  Shortly after she dropped the hint, she said she had an 89 year old friend of hers make her a Christmas quilt.  So, I stopped on the quilt and not the collecting.  It may be finished some day and on my queen bed.
And now for the finish.  The yellow is a delicate yellow (yellow is scarce in the stash).  There is a small blue dot.  On the right is another Christmas print.  These are just some of the polka dots that I considered BRIGHT and I hope my new friend is blessed and can help someone else.  I have found that sometimes it is as economical to buy 1 yard as other amounts.  So, I am glad that I have a new friend and hopefully my pattern will arrive in time for me to get some blocks cut for hand piecing before I visit grandboys.
I imagine many of these fabrics might find a place in my quilt, too.